The W3CSS 3D Carousel, a sub-module of the Drupal Module W3CSS Paragraphs, is a feature-rich tool designed to create visually engaging 3D carousels on a website. This module is particularly useful for Drupal developers looking to add dynamic content displays to their sites. Let's break down its features and functionalities in detail:

Display Tab

The display tab in the W3CSS 3D Carousel interface focuses on the aesthetic and stylistic aspects of the carousel. Users have a wide range of customization options:

  1. Background Colors:
    • Offers a selection of 30 different colors.
    • Allows for diverse visual presentations.
  2. Background Color Hover:
    • Also includes 30 color options.
    • Enhances user interaction by changing color on hover.
  3. Text Colors:
    • 30 color options available for text.
    • Ensures text visibility and aesthetic compatibility with background.
  4. Text Color Hover:
    • Another set of 30 options for hover effects on text.
  5. Border Color:
    • Choose from 30 different colors for borders.
    • Adds definition and style to the carousel elements.
  6. Border Color Hover:
    • 30 color options for hover effects on borders.
  7. Background Color Opacity:
    • Adjustable opacity from 5% to 95% in 10% increments.
    • Creates 330 color variations, enhancing design flexibility.
    • Note: Opacity applies only to the background color.
  8. Width:
    • Width options range from 30% to 100%.
    • Allows for flexibility in carousel sizing relative to the page.
  9. Borders:
    • 11 different border styles to choose from.
    • Enables detailed customization of carousel edges.
  10. Round Borders:
    • 6 styles available for rounded borders.
    • Adds a softer, more modern edge to carousel items.
  11. Margin:
    • 6 styles available for margin settings.
    • Useful for spacing carousel items within the page layout.
  12. Padding:
    • 8 different padding styles.
    • Ensures content within carousel items is properly spaced.
  13. Box Shadow:
    • Options to add a 2px or 4px bordered shadow.
    • Enhances depth and visual interest.
  14. Checkbox for Simple Bundle Title Overlay:
    • When using the simple bundle, check to overlay the title over the image.

Content Tab

The content tab focuses on the actual content that will be displayed within the carousel.

  1. Title:
    • Field to input the content title.
    • Important for both SEO and user orientation.
  2. Paragraph Field:
    • A field to nest any bundle, such as text or other content types.
    • Recommended bundles include 'simple' and 'image' for versatility in content presentation.


The W3CSS 3D Carousel is a powerful tool for Drupal users, offering extensive customization options for both appearance and content. Its intuitive user interface, divided into Display and Content tabs, makes it accessible for users with varying levels of technical expertise. The module's flexibility in design and content integration makes it an ideal choice for creating interactive, visually appealing 3D carousels on Drupal-based websites.

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