The W3CSS Parallax is an advanced and versatile sub-module within the Drupal Module W3CSS Paragraphs. It specializes in creating captivating parallax effects on websites, offering extensive customization options to users. This module is particularly useful for web designers and developers looking to add dynamic, interactive elements to their web pages. Here's a detailed description of its features and functionalities:

Display Tab Features

  1. Background Colors: Users can choose from 30 different color options to set as the background color for the paragraph bundle.
  2. Background Color Hover: This feature offers 30 color options that apply when hovering over the background.
  3. Text Colors: There are 30 different text color options available to choose from, ensuring a perfect match with the overall design.
  4. Text Color Hover: Similar to the background color hover, this provides 30 color options for text when hovered over.
  5. Border Color: Users can select from 30 different colors for the border of the paragraph bundle.
  6. Border Color Hover: This feature provides 30 color options for the border when it is hovered over.
  7. Background Color Opacity: After selecting a background color, its opacity can be adjusted from 5% to 95% in 10% increments, offering a total of 330 color variations. The opacity only affects the background color.
  8. Width: Width options range from 30% to 100%, allowing flexibility in design.
  9. Borders: There are 11 different border styles to choose from.
  10. Round Borders: This option offers 6 styles for rounded borders.
  11. Margin: Users can select from 6 different margin styles.
  12. Padding: There are 8 different padding styles available.
  13. Box Shadow: This feature adds a 2px or 4px bordered shadow to the element.
  14. W3.CSS Classes: An additional field is provided for applying any w3.css classes for further customization.

Content Tab Features

  1. Title: A field for the content title.
  2. Paragraph Field (Parallax Section): This field allows adding another paragraph bundle named 'Parallax Section', which is selected by default.

Inside the Parallax Section

Display Tab (for Parallax Section):

  • Inherits all the fields from the parent bundle.
  • Includes an additional field for setting the image height.

Content Tab (for Parallax Section):

  • Media Field: To upload an image. Accompanied by fields for 'Alternative Text' and 'Title' to enhance SEO and accessibility.
  • Link Field: For making the image clickable, directing to a specified URL.
  • Image Link Title Field: This field is used for the title attribute of the image, adding context or description.
  • Body: This field is designated for the body content of the parallax bundle.

View Mode

For the images used in this bundle, the view mode is set to utilize the image URL and convert the image to the WebP format, maintaining the original image size. This approach ensures optimized loading times while preserving the quality of the images.


The W3CSS Parallax module in Drupal's W3CSS Paragraphs offers a comprehensive range of customization options, making it a powerful tool for creating visually appealing and interactive web pages. Its user-friendly interface, combined with the depth of customization options, makes it suitable for both novice and professional web developers aiming to enhance the visual dynamics of their websites.

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